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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00, a developing story a teenager missing for months has turned up dead. the mysterious details in this unfolding case. people scrambling for cover after gunfire erupted in the busy u street corridor and it was real close call for one woman. >> now we all knew this one
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was coming as restaurants struggled to reopen, workers filed a multimillion lawsuit. we're going to begin with the tragic end to a high profile case of a missing teenager. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shaun yancy. they found the body of phylicia barnes. she vanished last december while visiting her sister in baltimore. adding to the mystery, police found ha second body in the river. audrey barnes is live in pikesville, maryland with more. audrey, what did you find out? >> reporter: is this a heartbreaking ending for the barnes family. 16-year-old phylicia barnes, she would have been 17 in january, she was from north carolina visiting her sister here in northwest baltimore for the holidays. without a trace, she disapierce on december 28 and hasn't been seen since. no clues, no sightings until yesterday when the bodies of an
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unclothed man and woman were pulled from the susquenhanna river. >> doctors used dental records to positively identify the body of 16-year-old phylicia barnes this afternoon. the cause and manner of death of ms. barnes is still pending. >> it's not the ending that anybody wanted. friends of the honor student handed out fliers to get a lead for police who today had the difficult task of telling phylicia's mom that her baby girl was not coming home. >> it's horrible. it's the worst possible news you could give to any mother and it's the last bit of news they ever want to hear. and so it's just a very difficult situation for everyone and horrible for that family. >> five hours after phylicia's body was pulled from the water, boaters spotted a man's body floating, too, 4 miles away on
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the other side of the dam. just an erie coincidence police are saying. >> his cause and manner of death has not been determined, but it is a black male. he is 6-foot 4, 240-pounds. >> police say there were no obvious wounds on phylicia's body, which may have been entombed in the cold river water for months. >> phylicia barnes went missing on december 28 of last year and the medical examiner said it's not out of the realm of possibility that the body could have been in the water that long. >> attention now turns to solving these deaths. >> we're going to continue to work as hard now as we worked all those days since december 28. and our goal simply is to bring closure to phylicia barnes family. >> and more than a dozen detectives from baltimore police and maryland state police have taken up shop
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together on the 5th floor of baltimore police headquarters to try and solve both of these cases. shawn. >> clearly this is just the beginning of this. but do police have any idea what happened here, audrey? >> reporter: shaun, the medical examiner is doing an autopsy on both of those bodies and that will tell them a lot. those autopsy results may not be released for months. now as sad as it is and difficult to hear, being in that cold water of the susquenhanna river these weeks may have preserved some of the evidence and detectives tell me now that they have phylicia's body, they are confident this case will be solved. >> we hope so. audrey barnes, thank you. we are following another big story tonight. gunfire in broad daylight in dc's busy u street corridor. two people hit. the gunman is on the run and police say things could have turned out much worse. martin has more from a woman who dodged one of those bullets. >> any time you have people
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walking around in a busy section of town and a suspect shooting at someone walking down the street, clearly it's a difference situation. in fact, one of the bullets ended up shattering the window. >> sabrina lives above busboys, he was home sick when out of the blue. >> we heard a loud sound, saw holes in my window, front living room window. thought it was a baseball. some kids, you know, playing around. >> it turns out it wasn't a baseball, but a bullet that broken the glass. >> it was very scary. it was very scary and you know, i ask my parents to get downright away when i realized what it was. i was less than 5 feet away. >> investigators say around 2:30 p.m., a suspect fired several shots at two men in the 1400 block of v street. police found those two at 14th and u with gun shot wounds. the suspected gunman got away.
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councilman jim graham said this was a neighborhood feud involving rival gangs from some other area that spilled into this busy section of town. >> it is outrageous. we are entering a hot summer. this is the beginning of this. we need to get serious about dealing with this gang violence and we need tougher laws in the books. we have been trying to put them in the books. >> something needs to be done. >> in this time when everyone is talking about budget cuts, what they don't realize is this is what we are talking about. we need to make sure our public is safe. our youth has good jobs and all the services they need. >> both the shooting victims were treated for nonlife threatening injuries from those gun shots. >> thankfully, we have really good windows. >> with so many gun shots fired in broad daylight, this story could have easily had a different ending for her. >> i'm thankful to be alive and my puppy is fine and of
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course my parents were fine and we are very, very lucky. >> again, the victims have nonlife threatening injuries and tonight the want is still on the run. brian. a developing political story this evening. nevada senator is stepping down after a long running ethics investigation. the republican admitted two years ago to having an extramarital affair with a campaign staffer and helping that woman's husband getting a job. he doesn't want to put his friends and family through any more investigations. he plans to submit his resignation letter to joe biden tomorrow. a multibillion dollar lawsuit after this flooding at the georgetown waterfront. businesses are still cleaning up and it could take weeks for restaurants to reopen. fox 5 is working the story from the newsroom tonight. >> time is money, especially when restaurants are concerned. one owner canceled some 800 reservations over the easter
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weekend. restaurant workers have filed a lawsuit for lost wages. the cleanup and rebuilding goes on around the clock. still the management company of georgetown's washington says there's no di fintive time line to be up and running. restoring electricity and gas are the priorities. because of the extensive damage, some of the waterfront restaurants say it could be weeks before they reopen. now more than 100 restaurant workers have filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against the harbor's management company. >> the problem is that these are people that are low income and a very dependent upon their wages to survive week to week. we have bar tenders, we have kitchen workers, we have food servers and they are finding themselves without a source of income. >> trouble stems from flooding that happened on the 18th after the flood gates were not raised. mrp, the management company is not responding to the allegation in the lawsuit that it was negligent. there was as much as five feet of water in some of the
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restaurants. the water is gone now, but the mess remains and the clock is ticking. >> this is when we do the best we do throughout the year. people want to come down to the harbor. come down to the river. that is a big cost to us. >> some restaurants are hoping to cash in on the easter weekend, but that may not happen. >> unfortunately, we will not be able to be open by easter. that's not a possibility for us. we are hopeful it will be a shorter time than what everyone seems to be betting on. >> what is that timetable that other people have put out there? >> memorial day something realistic. i've heard that. you know, it's very difficult to say at this point exactly when we would be able to do that. >> there is an awful lot of work to be done. the owner of tony and joe's restaurant said he has to rip out the walls of his restaurant. he is hoping to reopen in a week, but they have to rebuild a new restaurant in a few days.
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shaun. >> what is the legal process here? how long might this take? >> well it was just filed yesterday and the judge has to certify the class before it can proceed. sometimes these things take years, but the attorney is hoping to get some kind of settlement for these workers in a few months. >> what about the restaurant owners? do they plan to go after the company? >> this class could expand to include restaurants, but so far they have not taken a part in it. >> thank you. a sunny and cool today, tomorrow it's going to get nasty. sue is in the weather center with details. sounds like maybe not necessarily a good day to stay indoors, but maybe not a good night to be outside. >> you know, it depends on what your definition of nasty is. if you aren't a fan of rain while you are driving, tomorrow afternoon and evening, that will fit the bill for you. we are going to feature a drop
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in temperatures. let me show you radar here and we have you on the true view. you can see some of the rain heading in our direction. it is pushing through missouri and into western portions of kentucky and tennessee. they were outlooked for a severe weather outbreak. i'm happy to tell you so far, so good. we have not had any reports of tornadoes. here's what will be happening for us. high pressure is going to slip off the coast. it's going to pump in an east wind, a maritime flow. it loads us up with the clouds and a bit of a chill in the air. our temperatures will essentially be very similar to what the atlantic is and it will be in the low 50s. i want you to see there's a flood watch posted from friday morning to saturday morning. especially for western maryland. 1 to 2 inches of rain could fall out there and they already had way too much rain. bottom line, your friday will be a chilly one. the rain looks like for the most part, it will hold off until the afternoon and
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evening. more details on the easter weekend coming up. you know charlie sheen can go off on bizarre rants, now something he said has the dc police department in the spotlight. the pictures and tweets that sparked a local investigation. plus, its nicknamed binge in a can and critics warn it is dangerous. the fight to yank this booze off store shelves is next. 
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you know it seems these days wherever charlie sheen goes, controversy follows. dc police are in the spotlight for helping sheen. laura, what happened? >> sheen was late coming into dc for his show and dc police agreed to help him out to get him to his destination. >> what happened? >> it's not that they helped him, it's what happened when they did. they broke police protocall and may have broke traffic laws and sheen tweeted about it, making it public and now there's an internal investigation. tuesday night, charlie sheen
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flies into dulles from la late for his concert at constitution hall, he makes a b-line for the district. in route, he posts on his twitter page a picture of the speedometer inside his car. you can clearly see a police car lighting flashes. sheen bragged about it on twitter. in car with police escort in front and rear, driving like someone is about to deliver a baby. cop car lights spinning. now, chief kathy lanier wants answers. >> what i know right now just from what i know right now, i don't know how much is fact and how much is allegation and how much is not correct. from what i know right now, i asked internal affairs to investigate because it is not something that is authorized by the police department. so there are limited circumstances where we do police escorts. those circumstances are based on security need and there are protocalls to be followed when we do escorts. >> sources familiar with the investigation say sheen agreed
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to pay for the escort by a police sergeant and another officer in marked dc police cruisers. it's called a reimburseable detail which is a common practice. >> can celebrities who want to pay for escorts call the mpd and ask for escorts? >> we don't do escorts of celebrities. there are events that we do reimburseable details for. if there is entertainment that may involve celebrities that draw a large crowd, yes, we would want a reimburseable detail. but we do not do escorts of celebrities. >> sources say the controversy has more to do with what the officers did outside city limits, running red lights inside the district as sheen said they did. well that's up for debate. sources familiar with the investigation said the officers knew sheen was late for the concert and for whatever reason they were willing to turn on their emergency lights and sirens while allegedly speeding
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to get him there. >> now chief lanier said her two major concerns are what happened outside the city limits as well as learning about who set up the reimburseable detail and exactly why they did that as you heard her say, internal affairs is investigating. >> what about the officers involved in all this? >> sources say they are working. they are not on any paid administrative leave. they are working pending that investigation. >> thank you, laura. brian. maryland attorney general is fired up about an alcoholic beverage he calls a binge in a can. he is calling on texas based patch brewing company to stop selling blast by cold 45. it has 12% alcohol. that's five servings in one can. i asked him earlier tonight what his biggest problem is with this drink. >> two major problems with blast. one is its binge in a can. it's almost 24-ounces of alcoholic beverage, which is meant to drink in one sitting. >> the experts said one can in
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an hour is considered binge drinking. >> it is actually five drinks in one of these cans for a very low price. the second problem is they are marketing towards children. these are grape and strawberry and watermelon flavored and doing it over the social networking sites, twitter, facebook, and so forth. snoop dogg is the promoter of this drink. they marketing it to the kids. the flavors are significant as well as the binge drink. >> you were railing against loco. those were caffeinated alcoholic beverages. this is different. the caffeinated beverage industry didn't fight you very much. do you anticipate a push back here? >> got biller and coors to pull those off the market. for loco took over the market space. i don't anticipate that they will have a problem taking this off. they will fight it up front because they don't want to admit what they have done is
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wrong. 17 other attorneys general on this letter say hey look, this is inappropriate. you cannot contribute toward under age binge drinking. you need to pull this from the market. we are optimistic that will happen. >> seems like we are having you in here a lot more these days, is this a slippery slope? >> i don't. i think they are testing the limits. you remember ten years ago, there was maybe mike's hard lemonade. now there are more of these than beer. i think they are pushing the envelope and see how much they can do marketing at the under age drinkers. we are here to make sure they know there are limits. >> because it's a malt beverage and a different demographic that the fight is any different with these marketers? >> i think in this particular case, yes it's the first time specifically going after an under age african american demographic. it's the same result. targeting kids under 21 and asking them to be binge
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drinking and have very cheap alcohol in these big cans that are each the equivalent of five drinks. >> thanks for coming in. back upstairs. another push, two long time champions of dc voting rights took their message straight to the white house today. what happened when they got there and what they want the president to do coming up next. still ahead tonight at 10:30, rats on a plane? the disgusting discovery that had one airline in hot water. 
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another push in the fight for dc atonmy today. sharon pratt and the widow, dc's first mayor tried to deliver a letter to the white house today. but the secret service turned them away because the white house does not accept hand delivered mail. the letter is for president obama asking for his support for the district and put
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license plates on his official vehicle that say taxation without representation. >> we recognize that the president should use the authority of his office to side with the plight and show sympathy and empathy for the plight of the people of the district of columbia. >> i'm surprised that president obama has not really taken the cause. >> the letter was sent by mrs. washington who you saw there and all living dc mayors except for adrian fenty. >> what do you make of mayor pratt and miss washington being turned away because they don't accept hand delivered mail? >> i was there. they said this was a security concern. i think what is most interesting is they plan not to mail the letter, but mary washington is really a tiger -- decided that they will present it to the president if he ever
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comes to a dc public event. he is going to ben's chili bowl and he does the urban backdrop thing and so does michelle obama. as i said in the paper on sunday, he doesn't come to dc to speak to dc or about dc. so i'm sure they will track him down and present him with the letter one on one, so maybe in a way this was a blessing. >> let's talk more about that letter. he quotes president abraham lincoln. it really calls out president obama. >> sharon pratt wrote the letter herself. she didn't get help from anybody else. she is a very good speaker and she's an excellent writer and i thought it had perfect pitch. it was respectful. it was differential, but it was also very clear and attempted to be persuasive. if the president was serious, he would be embarrassed to get a letter like this. i have to say on the politics
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program last friday, i asked mayor gray who had lunch with the president and this has not gotten the circulation it richly deserves. i said when you asked him to put on the plate whether the president of the united states say? and this is what he said. this is unbelievable. he said the secret service won't let. >> that is ridiculous because president clinton had those on. you would think president obama would do it. is he set himself up for trouble? >> i am going to repeat the remark. the secret service won't let me. for four months i knew about this and mayor gray said please don't tell anybody about it because i found out about it and now it's out there because the mayor himself said it and it is insulting because first of all, i don't think anybody in their right mind believes it and then second, it is almost a continuation unfortunately of president obama's relationship with this place which he can
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really hand us that and think that we accept it. so i think it's a form -- and really taking as mayor pratt said, it's cavalier and as mary washington said, i don't know if she said this to you. she said it to us. she said secret service? secret service works for him. >> that's true. it's going to be very interesting to see what sort of impact this will have on dc voters. mark, thanks for coming in tonight. >> thank you. imagine spending an extra hour getting to work every single morning. a virginia senator says that could happen on one highway. how he plans to prevent a potential commuting crisis, next.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a legal fight is brewing over what most expect is going to be a traffic nightmare in northern virginia.
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we're talking about the impact of brac. the plans to transfer thousands of workers. jim moran says that's going to be a crippling effect on commuters and they are going to stop the tran tells us about it >> as part of the realignment and closure process known as brac. virginia officials long challenged the idea that this section of 395 and other roads around the building can handle f influx of federal workers. now congressman jim moran says the own inspector general agrees. the pentagon used traffic data from 2008 to minimize the impact of thousands of new commuters. >> finding of no significant transportation impact was obviously wrong to anyone who
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knew the area. is in fact wrong. there are 200,000 commuters who pass by this site every morning. my guess is that they will be delayed by as much as an hour. >> moran wants officials from alexandria, fairfax, and pins william to join the commonwealth of virginia in filing a lawsuit to block the move, or at least stall it. some are weary. >> don't want to go down this road and find out there's nothing for you. this will be a very costly endeavor. >> the federal government has come up with $20 million for road improvements and the state of virginia allocated $80 million. the completion would be years away. a court fight might buy time, but the mayor warns nothing will cure the traffic tangles to come. >> the folks are kidding themselves if they think you can permanently do away with the congestion.
10:34 pm
no, it will be there for ever and ever. the pentagon is currently considering delaying several moves because the time frame that brac required is insufficient. >> while local officials are considering legal action, congressman jim moran says he is working on a solution in capitol hill. this at the same time he is calling the congress dysfunctional. i'm stacey cohen, fox 5 news. >> two air traffic controllers caught sleeping on the job are now out of a job. they fired the controllers after they dozed off. the faa created new air traffic rules following a string of mishaps including three other controllers falling asleep on duty. and also the aborted landing of a plane carrying michelle obama and joe biden. delta airline is carrying extra cargo. rodent droppings on a plane in atlanta this year. the fda sent a letter warning
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delta to clean it up. they found numerous droppings, too many to count. they were found near areas where the plane prepared food. the fda sent the letter april 13. delta has 15 days to comply. they say they exterminated that airplane. to the roads where you may see more stranded drivers because of high gas prices. you are paying an average of $4.05 in dc. the national average is $3.84. roadside assistance calls for people run out of gas jumped 40% this month compared to the same period last month. john and aaa joins us to talk about those soaring prices. why the disperty in prices? the district is 21 cents higher than the national average. >> one of the reasons is, gas stations in the district and the real estate is expensive and more than half of the gas stations in the district are
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owned by one owner. so that explains part of it. and another part of the problem is the fuel tax in the district is increased in recent years. but all in all, it is the cost of the real estate cost. >> i ran into a guy today that was filling up his winebego. he said it comes down to taxes. is that the biggest problem here? >> that's it and the other big part is, it's the cost of doing business in the district and the cost of real estate. so, you have very expensive gas in the district and the number of persons running out of gas in the district jumped 40% over the same time last year. and we are seeing this not only in the district of columbia, but across the country in california. the number of people running out of gas has spiked and go to
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texas, arkansas, pennsylvania, philadelphia, up 20%. up 20% in delaware. >> not much we can do about that, is there? we are squeezing those last drops and sometimes you run out of luck. >> you run out of luck and it's costing people more. the cost of a gallon of gas is now 98 cents higher than it was at this time last year. and so the average holds about 18.5-gallons. so a fill up will cost you $20 more this time around than it did at this time last year and many people have discovered that the high cost of gas has burst their budget. that's the problem. >> i want to ask you one more question. the president today told a group he is asking attorney general eric holder to look into price manipulation, not only by big oil but by the markets and speculators. it struck me as wondering if that is something that sounds good, but we know the speculating isn't going to end any time soon when it comes to the markets and that's a big
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part of the runup. >> it's a big part of the runup. think about this, brian, when the price of gas hit $4.10 back in 2008, the price of a barrel of oil was $148 a barrel. it is now $111 a barrel and you have near record prices. so something is out of character. something is out of sinc with reality. and you can blame it or wall street and the new york exchange and the speculators and traders who are bidding up the price of oil to line their own pockets at the expense of the consumers. >> i would like eric holder to get involved in that. >> thanks for coming in. >> especially those of us driving suv's. if you turned off the caps game last night, you missed out. tonight dc is still talking about one of the greatest comebacks in team history. on top of the caps craze coming up next.
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all right, so in case you turned off your tv set before the third period last night, you missed out. the caps pulled off a minor miracle. it was kind of nerve racking to watch this one. >> did you see it? >> i was here. >> were you watching it? >> i was doing the news. >> did you see the ending? >> no. it was unbelievable. look. it would be 2-2. the series maybe everyone would be saying what's going on? they are going to lose. now they are up 3-1. it's commanding. they are going to close it out saturday. did i tell you that? the series will end saturday. let me show you what happened last night at madison square garden. caps cut the deficit to 3-2.
10:43 pm
john carlson slapper beats the king lundquist. for a second goal of the game. the first two playoff goals of his young career. looks like it heads to alex ovechkin. somehow the kings stoned them. they would go into overtime and a second overtime. the rangers have communication issues and marion pocks the puck who scores into the open net for the game winner. caps rally to defeat the rangers 4-3 in double overtime. they take a 3-1 series lead. >> it will be a game i remember, you know, for lots of reasons i guess. but for the guys, you know, as a memory game, it will be up there. >> come out and play hard again. it has been a tight series.
10:44 pm
it has been back and forth and you know, they worked extremely hard and wouldn't expect anything different in game five. we have to come out. >> mike did not play in game four. he has a hand injury. we won't know until saturday whether he'll play in game five. game five saturday at 3:00 p.m. >> he'll be rocking the red. >> can i show you what cross checking is? >> go for it he wanted to do it. i said i would punch him on the air if he did. i'm standing on a box. what i did was legal, what you just did is not legal and you would have gotten a penalty. i'm explaning hockey. legal, not legal, and that hurts. i'll see you in human resources. >> brian back upstairs. >> we didn't see that part. coming up on the news edge, could the nation's security be facing a global threat? cyber attacks are on the rise. details on what is being done to protect all of us.
10:45 pm
a young woman taken from her home now missing for six months. only on the news edge, her family's emotional plea for any information on where their loved one could be.
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tomorrow is earth day and fox 5 is celebrating by hosting a haul your hazards event. it's to give you a convenient way to get rid of environmentally harmful materials. be sure you take a few important steps. fox 5, lauren demarco shows us all what to do. >> old cell phones seem to stack up around the house, collecting dust. clearly that's been the case at my house. why not make tomorrow earth day, the day that you finally toss them? but before you do that, you want to make sure you aren't putting any personal data at risk. >> this one, i don't know. i think it was right before the most recent. >> i got everything in my own
10:49 pm
cell phone graveyard, seven phones, and headed to the consumers union for some help. kara says it's very important to wipe the data off of your phone before recycling no matter how old the device is. >> there's e-mail, there's audio, there's visual, videos, documents. chances are there's a lot less on your older phone than your smart phone. but i'm pretty sure that it is personal to most people and they aren't going to want to share that with a random stranger. >> why do so many of us hang on to these phones? maybe because there's no commonly known across the board way to wipe your information. but it can absolutely be done. >> instructions are different for every make and model. there's no one master reset button, even though that would be the easiest way. so most importantly you have to look at your manual, your phone manual. if you lost it, you threw it away and you can't find it anymore, you should call your wireless provider, go to the store, or go online.
10:50 pm
>> recellular is the largest reseller of used wireless phones. you plug in your make and model and they'll e-mail you step by strep instructions to erase the data. don't know which model phone you have? >> it's usually on the back of your phone or the back of the battery. >> what if you no longer have the charger and can't power up the phone? can you destroy it? >> i wouldn't recommend it. you don't know how that could be hazardous to you. what i would suggest is calling your wireless provider. calling a phone manufacture or takin to your local store and most likely they'll have an adapter. >> and if your phone has a sim card. >> you can take it to your store, the local store of your wireless provider and they can destroy it. >> getting rid of your electronics the proper way are crucial. >> there are toxins. there's mercury, there's cadmium. the reason recycling is recommended, if you were to throw it away in a landfill, it
10:51 pm
could leak out into ground water. >> recellular is a great website. we'llling it on back to you at the desk. as we said, tomorrow is earth day and helping you get rid of harmful materials with your haul your hazards event. starting on fox5 morning news, we'll will live at the landfill in upper marlboro. and on fox 5 news at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 will be at the transfer station. for more information, go to well, here we go again. what a difference 24 hours make. it is the truth yet again we are in this weird weather pattern. >> and we are coming up on to a weekend. >> the earth says we are going to have rain tomorrow in honor of earth day. this will develop after the noon hour, light and get steadier. i think the big thing is, you mention the temperature drop
10:52 pm
today, shaun, that was 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. kind of nice. it was refreshing. 65 degrees for most of us. tomorrow we have to shave ten degrees off of what we saw today. it will feel raw. you will definitely want a jacket and some rain wear for the second part of the day. over to our weather maps. we'll show you what we are talking about. 65. that was after midnight. most of the day in the low 60s for everybody, dulles coming in at 64 degrees. check out this temperature trend. fasten your seat belt. 5 # degrees tomorrow. average is 68. some of you will be cooler than that, especially further west. on saturday we get an up tick in our temperatures, a warm front comes on through. saturday will also feel some showers and maybe a thunderstorm here and there. and i have to tell you looking at the late guidance tonight, there's a better chance of shower for easter now. so at least it will be warm,
10:53 pm
but it's the same boundary stuck to our north. some indications it may move south to our area and produce a couple showers on easter as well. so a little bit of watering is what we are going to be getting. our temperatures in some spots have dropped down to the 40s and low 50s, but check out frederick at 41 degrees. gaithersburg 46. we are starting to see temperatures really get chilly because our skies are clear and the air is dry and it's even possible that later tonight there could be some patchy frost to our north and west because we will drop to 35 degrees in frederick. 36 in winchester. even manassas could get down to 36. nothing widespread. nothing that will kill off your plants, but it is getting to be that time of year. be aware that these nights can be cold and patchy frost along the mason dixon line. so for tonight, it's going to be colder. we'll drop to 41 degrees here in the city. with that frost and temperatures in the mid 30s to the north and wes tomorrow a chilly day.
10:54 pm
the rain develops in the afternoon. it really could be even in here as early as 11:00 in the morning. our temperature about 55 degrees. the big chill coming from the wind direction out of the east, we sample the atlantic. at 8:00 in the morning, we'll have the clouds around. the clouds will roll in later tonight. by noon, it's possible there could be a few showers. certainly a better chance if you live west of the district and by 5:00, we think rain is over spreading the whole area, 52 degrees. so much rain that for some of these areas that were so saturated last weekend and early this week, a flood watch has been posted. some of these rivers, streams, and creeks, the highlands of virginia could be coming out of their bank. we'll watch that. in terms of rain, this continues to kind of expand. so we do believe that for most of the metro area, we're talking about a half inch to an inch of rain between friday and saturday. a few spots out to our west could pick up that 1 or 2 inches and that could produce a
10:55 pm
little bit of flooding. here's your future cast. it will be chilly overnight. clouds are in here late morning and by the noon hour. looks like the showers hold off, but we go through the afternoon, 4:00, we have the rain in here. take it out to 10:00, it's still raining. as we head into saturday morning, it's possible we are going to get a break as a warm front comes on through and temperatures really skyrocket. a few showers late on saturday and this is the problem for easter. how far south is this front going to get? we think it might make a run at us and afternoon showers. do your easter egg hunt in the morning. five-day forecast, at least it's a warm one. and even monday about 80 degrees. tuesday, about 80. so plenty of changes in the forecast and pretty hard to thin down those shower chances this weekend. it's looking more likely. coming up next on the news edge at 11:00. one of the most infamous spies, and now you can own his home.
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we take a look inside next at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep, and chrysler dealer. o.
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